“Identify your passion. Start planning early by setting your short-term and long-term goals to realise your passion.”

Princeton, NJ November 2022 – The Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce has announced the winner of this year’s prestigious Athena Leadership Award. The group of finalists represented women from across the state of New Jersey. This year’s winner is PamTen President and CEO, Chaya Pamula.  

Chaya was honored for her outstanding professional accomplishments, community service, and mentoring women to help them achieve their full leadership potential.  

Chaya’s energy, creativity and passion not only led her to be co-founder, President and CEO of PamTen Inc, a global technology company, but inspired her to create two distinguished non-profits. SOFKIN (Support Organization for Kids in Need), is an NGO that is currently supporting over 100 underprivileged children in India by creating loving homes with a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and leadership skills under Chaya’s guidance.  

Technology is one of Chaya’s many passions. When she realized there weren’t many women involved in the field, she founded SheTek, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to increase the percentage of women in the technology industry. SheTek offers webinars, mentorship, training, networking and more. 

Chaya also shares her insight, wisdom, and knowledge with a number of non-profits, organizations, and Chambers of Commerce. Chaya is also a board member of Metropolitan Commercial Bank, where she shares her insights on technology and more.  

This will be the 37th year the Athena Leadership Award is presented by the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce, the only organization in New Jersey that is licensed to do so. 

The Monmouth Chamber program is part of the International Athena Leadership Award Program, which celebrates women as valued members and leaders of the community who serve as role models and encourage all women to achieve their full potential. Criteria to receive the Athena Award are that the nominee: 

  • Has achieved the highest level of professional excellence. 
  • Contributes time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community. 
  • Actively assists others, particularly women, in realizing their full leadership potential. 

Almost 8,000 leaders have been recognized with the ATHENA Leadership award in 500+ regions representing 48 states & 11 countries including USA, Bermuda, UK, China, Canada, Greece, India, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Mexico. 

Recipients have included: 

  • C-level executives of major corporations such as Microsoft, GM, Morgan Stanley, Dallas Mavericks 
  • Presidents of Universities and Foundations 
  • A NASA astronaut 
  • Human Rights and Social Justice Activists 
  • Philanthropists 
  • Actors and Celebrities 
  • Athletes & Olympic Gold medalists 
  • Ambassadors, Members of Congress 
  • Highest ranking military professionals 
  • US Supreme Court Justice and Secretary of State
  • Medical and Public Health Advocates 

The 2022 Athena Award winners, selected by a group of community leaders, were announced on Nov. 4 at a gala luncheon at the Jumping Brook Country Club Neptune.  

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